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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission to link to articles?

Permission is not required to link to any article or page on This includes linking from websites, social media, newsletters, listservs, and emails. Our policy is to allow others to post a link and up to two paragraphs of any article on our website. For example, it would look something like this:
Vision, Reality Collide in Common-Core Tests - Education Week
In states across the country, field-testing of the exams that will measure students' mastery of the Common Core State Standards is well underway. Much attention is focusing on the questions that this "testing of the test" will inevitably raise about bandwidth, access for special populations, and standard-setting.
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How do I obtain permission to use content?

Who to Contact

Edweek Library
Phone: 301-280-3100

Copyright Clearance Center
Phone: +1.978-750-8400

  • Commentary and outside authors
  • First Person articles
  • Center for Teacher Quality articles
  • EdWeek Market Brief material
  • High quality physical or PDF reprints
  • Reprints for marketing purposes
  • License to post full-text content on another website
  • License to email the full-text of an article or include in an electronic newsletter
  • Inclusion of article(s) in books
  • Audio content, visual content, infographics, multimedia, and photographs
  • Share more than 5 photocopies of an article
  • Post on an academic intranet
  • Coursepacks, e-coursepacks and classroom handouts
  • Library/Electronic reserves
  • Permission to republish in newspapers, journals, magazines or for marketing brochures or handouts

Who grants permission for content reuse depends on the type of content and how you plan to use it. A common way to use content is through reprints, which refer to "high quality reproductions of published articles on a variety of media, enhanced by customization options."† The table is not exhaustive, rather it is a sample of the types of common reprints and licensing requests and who handles each of them.

If the content you wish to use was not created by an EPE staff writer (it is credited to a content partner such as Hechinger or is a Commentary), it is likely that EPE does not own the rights to it. To obtain permission to use this content, please contact the author or content partner. If you have trouble finding contact information for a Commentary author or are unsure if the content you wish to use is owned by EPE, please contact the library.

If you wish to print a copy of an article for your own personal, non-commercial use, you can use the "Printer Friendly" button located at the beginning of the article on the right under "Article Tools." Please do not print out or make more than 5 copies of an article.
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May I use the full text of an article?

Other than photocopies (see here), you may not reproduce the full-text of an article in any format without permission. You may not email the full text of an article without a license to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, screenshots, embedded PDFs, links to PDFs or document formats of articles, or copied and pasted text. You may print out a copy for non-commercial, personal use.
If you wish to use the full text of an article, please view the table titled Who to Contact.
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How do I reprint EdWeek Market Brief material?

Please contact with requests to reprint Education Week Market Brief material.
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Do I need permission to make a photocopy of an article?

Permission is not required to photocopy an article for non-commercial use. Readers may make up to 5 print copies of our content at no cost for personal, noncommercial use, provided that each copy includes a full citation of the source. If you are unsure about whether this policy applies to you, please view the table titled Who to Contact.
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Can I share or use a photograph, infographic, video, or other multimedia item?

Permission is not required to link to any infographics, video, or multimedia on This includes linking from websites, social media, newsletters, listservs, and emails. Please contact the Edweek library for permission and costs if you would like to use any photographs or multimedia items.
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How do I cite your content in APA format?

For Articles Online:

{Last Name}, {First Initial}. ({Year, Month Day}). {Title}. {Title of Publication}, {volume}({issue}). Retrieved {Month Day, Year} from {URL}

For Articles in Print:

{Last Name}, {First Initial}. ({Year, Month Day}). {Title}. {Title of Publication}, {volume} ({issue}), pp. {page number(s)}.
  • Herold, B. (2015, January 14). Community Network Eyed as Model for Supporting Digital Learning. Education Week, 34(17), pp. 1, 10-11.
  • Education Week Research Center. (2008, January 10). The Teaching profession: Building and supporting capacity. Special Issue: Quality counts 2008. Education Week, 27(18), pp. 54-56.
  • Pick, G. (2000, May 1). Black like us. Teacher Magazine, 11(8), pp. 26-29, 31.
  • Ash, K. (2011, February 9). Boosting literacy. Digital Directions, 4(2), pp. 22-24.

For Blogs:

{Last name}, {First Initial}. ({Year, Month Day}). {Title} [Web blog post]. Retrieved from {URL}

For Entire Special Issues:

{Title} [Special Issue]. ({Year}). Title of Publication, {volume}({issue}).
    Quality Counts: Preparing to launch: Early childhood's academic countdown. [Special Issue]. (2015). Education Week, 34(16).

For State Highlights Report:

{Education Week Research Center} ({Year}). {Title}. Retrieved from {URL}.
    Education Week Research Center (2011). Pennsylvania state highlights 2011: A special supplement to Education Week's Quality Counts 2011. Retrieved from

For the EdCounts Database:

To cite EdCounts data, cite the resource as a web page and format according to the style you are using.
    For example, in APA you might cite it as follows, including the name of the indicator or area of indicators:
    {Author}. ({Year}). {Web Page Title}. Retrieved {date} from {URL}
    Education Week Research Center. (2008). Education Counts: Accountability. Retrieved February 1, 2008 from
Please email with other questions regarding the citation of Education Week publications.
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How do I order back issues?

Back issues of Education Week, Diploma Counts, Quality Counts, Technology Counts, Teacher Magazine, and other Editorial Projects in Education publications can be purchased by going to the menu icon Shop at the top of
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My question was not answered here. Who do I contact?

Please email
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†(2015). Reprints/Reuse of Content. Conde Nast. Retrieved February 4, 2015, from